⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

Basic Jazz Sound

All our licks use the language of jazz; an articulated and syncopated sound. Here are the basic principles, all using a slow bowing speed:


Quarter notes (UK: crotchets) are short:

Eighth notes (UK: quavers) are long, but the last one in the group is always short:

Accents are made whenever there’s a little time. With a pinch in the right hand – not with extra bow!

Start every phrase with an accent, even on an upbeat:


Using a slow bowing speed, play your beats with the down bow and off-beats with the up bow. With some jazz rhythms, this is only possible if you use ghost bows on the rests. Practise your up ghost bows:

And down ghost bows:

You could play the quarter note (UK: crotchet) example above with ghost notes like this:

Play on-beat rests with a down ghost bow, and improve the much-quoted ‘bebop’ at the end of your phrase by using an up ghost bow:


Jazz is a chromatic music style and most licks have leading notes or enclosures. Here is how to deal with them.

C Major Chordal leading notes – from below

C Major Chordal leading notes – from above

C Major Chordal enclosures

D Major Chordal leading notes – from below

D Major Chordal leading notes – from above

D Major Chordal enclosures


Bebop Rhythm

Charleston Rhythm


Focus the Bebop Rhythm on the 4th beat. Do this with resolution notes, especially. We call this pushed.

It doesn’t work on the 3rd beat:

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Basic Jazz Sound

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