⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

First Aid Licks

These are the licks you MUST know and be able to play in any situation. So practice them a lot!


I give the first one in G and F; for other keys you must transpose the licks. Tonic chords all have the leading note, which is the major 7th.

Leading Note Lick

Coltrane Lick

Descending Coltrane Lick

Jessica Lick (in F major)


I show the first lick in A minor and D minor. In gypsy jazz, we often add a ‘6’ to minor Tonic chords.

Getz Lick

Extended Getz Lick

Descending Extended Getz Lick


There are two types of Dominant Lick: resolved and unresolved. Place the resolved lick so the resolution note lands on the following Tonic chord. In the key of G:

Honeysuckle Lick

Universal Dominant Lick (resolved)

The unresolved lick finishes before the resolution note. Examples in the keys of G and Ab:

Universal Dominant Lick (unresolved)

A common alteration is to change the 9th note to a Flat 9. On a D7, that is ‘eb’. This gives a much cooler sound:

Flat ‘9’ Lick (resolving to G major)

Flat ‘9’ Lick (resolving to G minor)

And the unresolved version:

Flat ‘9’ Lick (unresolved)

Leave the root note ‘d’ out altogether and you get a more diminished sound:

Diminished Lick

The next alteration is the flat 10th note, which is actually a bluesy minor third (‘f#’ becomes ‘f’):

Flat ‘10’ Lick

Descending Flat ‘10’ Lick

Reversed Flat ‘10’ Lick

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First Aid Licks

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