⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

Key, Tonic and Dominant

Find the Key of the song by looking at the sharps and flats at the beginning of your line. For help, use this circle of fifths:

In any key, Tonic = the root chord, or ‘I’. It has a major 7th. Dominant = the fifth chord, or ‘V’. It has a minor 7th.
In D major these are:

The ‘III’ and ‘VI’ share 3 notes with the ‘I’, which makes them Tonics, too. In the Key of G major, this gives us:

You can play a G Tonic lick on all three of these chords …

The ‘V’, ‘VII’ and ‘II’ share 3 notes each, too, which makes them all Dominants:

These three are all suitable for a Dominant lick in key of G:

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Key, Tonic and Dominant

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