⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

Breaks, Kickoff and Exit Licks

Here are some indispensable Kickoff and Exit Licks to start and finish a phrase or song, and a couple of Breaks.


Breaks are played in the last two bars of the Theme of the song, the turnaround, before going into your first solo chorus. Start after the first beat. The band are waiting for your cue to start again, so end the second bar on an easy string of eighths (UK: quavers).

Break in G Major

Break in G Minor

Kickoff Licks

Use a Kickoff Lick to start your solo. It functions like a long upbeat, on the last bar of the previous chorus:

C Major Kickoff Lick

G Major Kickoff Lick

Bb Major Kickoff Lick

Exit Licks

Here are some Exit Licks to end your solo or phrase. There are two types, closed ending (on the root note or third) and open ending (other notes):

F Major Exit Lick (open ending)

Eb Major Exit Lick (closed ending)

C Major Exit Lick

G Major “Quintette” Exit Lick (closed ending)

G Major “Grappelli” Exit Lick (closed ending)

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Breaks, Kickoff and Exit Licks

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