⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

⛑ GJ First Aid Kit

Chord Progression Licks

Here are some recurring chord changes you will come across again and again in standards. With useful phrases to play over them.


Minor Plagal Cadence (I – IV Minor – I)

At the end of most ballads, use ‘Jessica’ lick

Extended Minor Plagal Cadence (IV – IV Minor – I)

All of Me, I’ll See You In My Dreams, After You’ve Gone


Raised Plagal Cadence (IV – sharp IV – I)

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Exactly Like You


Minor Third II-V-I (with Getz Licks)

Chromatic II-V-I (with Getz Licks)

Minor II-V-I (with Bebop Lick)


‘Rhythm Changes’ Turnaround (with Honeysuckle Rose Lick)

Chromatic Turnaround

Chromatic ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ Turnaround

Short ‘Bebop’ Turnaround

Long ‘Bebop’ Turnaround

‘Coltrane’ Turnaround

‘Djangology’ Turnaround

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Chord Progression Licks

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