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Opening the Studio

About a year ago, in the middle of yet another 2020 lockdown, I was juggling my teaching commitments at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam, some online courses where I was a guest tutor AND the second gypsy jazz Zoom group I’d just set up.

My diary that week was a mess; people got their preparation info too late from me; and I had to skip a meal to be in 2 (online) places at once. I made the end of the week, but decided there and then I wanted to do this better.

Ellen and Martin from my first Zoom group had been telling me I should write a simple, small book that would summarize the things I kept saying to the students: like “use the Leading Note Lick”; “play Minor on the Dominant”; “start your Bebop rhythm with a down bow”, that kind of thing.

My other ‘gypsy jazz family members’ Jim, Gary and Bob liked the idea, too, and all of them came up with valuable suggestions and reminded me of stuff I’d forgotten I said. The book took shape in my brain (but not on paper) over the next months.

The puzzle pieces only fell into place when I asked Pablo, violin improv colleague and technology buff, what he thought about a teaching website of my own. We thought about calling it the Studio and the name stuck. And that’s when it hit me: the book, now called “First Aid Kit” should be a blueprint for the Studio.

Over the Summer, the First Aid Kit had started taking shape, with me as usual writing on board trains, the bus of the orchestra I toured with, backstage before some concerts, and on my regular teaching trips to Amsterdam. October, November and December saw Pablo working hard on the technical side of this website.

Thanks to those five violinists already mentioned, the Gypsy Jazz First Aid Kit found its current form, and thanks to Pablo and the testers we are now GO … and look forward to your feedback 🙂

Can’t wait to work with you here!


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  1. Tim, this effort by you and your cohorts is absolutely terrific. It’s what I’ve been searching for all these years of practicing with my violin, hoping to achieve a true swing sound and yet not quite putting it together. I’ve always recognized you have the keys, and now you’ve laid them out in a wonderfully organized, simple form that will get me there. Thank you so much for everything you do. If I could give you any input about this, it would be:

    1) Consider providing a breakdown of a swing tune into smaller pieces and segments of the tune, playing each segment three times in a row so that I can catch them by ear and meld to your bowing and emphasis as I learn the tune. Finally play the full tune in a YouTube or video format that allows me to adjust the playback speed. Katie Glassman is doing that very successfully on her “Fiddle School” with us aspiring Texas swing violinists, as it allows us to learn the tune phrasing and then gradually bring the tune up to speed according to our current ability.

    2) Talk to Pablo about how you might be able to increase the response time when you pick options on the Studio site as you’re navigating it. Minimizing the response and upload time greatly eases any frustration with wait times.

    Just absolutely terrific though. This is fantastic, Tim.

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